Download E-books Isengard and Northern Gondor (MERP ICE #2800) PDF

By Christian Gehman

Includes full-color zone map of NORTHERN GONDOR, full-color cutaway view and flooring plan of ORTHANC, 2 whole urban plans, complete description of SARUMAN, herb lists and political intrigue, HELM'S DEEP & a lot more.

The fort of Isengard was once equipped through the Númenórians in a sheltered valley on the southern limits of the Misty Mountains. Its major objective used to be to guard the distance of Calenardhon and the Fords of Isen opposed to assaults through Sauron's forces. Self-sufficient and enchanted, it later grew to become the just about impregnable citadel of Saruman the White. No spire in Middle-earth was once superior, store the darkish Tower of Mordor.

ISENGARD and northerly Gondor includes:

- eight FULL-COLOR PAGES: a 2-page nearby map, maps of Calmirië (Aldburg) and Dunlostir , plus four pages at the Tower of Orthanc
- significant LAYOUTS: The Underground degrees of Orthanc, The access Passage, and The Hornburg
- THE castle OF ISENGARD: one of many maximum architectural creations in all of Middle-earth
- different population OF THE quarter: The Calenardhrons, The Dunlendings, and the Drúedain

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Download E-books Ghostwood Haunts: DW3: A Dungeon World Adventure PDF

By Johnstone Metzger

Ghostwood Haunts is an introductory event module for the Dungeon global myth role-playing game.

In the midst of the Ghostwood, the village of Knifesbridge holds a trifling few thousand souls, yet hassle sufficient for all. A gang of bandits preys upon the neighborhood street site visitors, drug dependancy spreads via sleepy village streets, and corruption on the middle of municipal politics stymies all makes an attempt to revive legislation and order. Worse but, a useless witch's ghost seeks vengeance, and a demon waits to stroll once again underneath the Ghostwood's leaves. on the crossroads among those fronts lies and outdated, deserted tower, and the secrets and techniques buried underneath it is going to tear this village apart.

Inside this experience module you are going to find:

  • Two entire fronts with 3 risks each.
  • NPCs for every of those six hazards, plus extra to populate Knifesbridge.
  • Suggested and not obligatory scenes that additional the villains evil scenes.
  • Crime, political corruption, and drug addiction.
  • Ghosts, witches, and a demon.
  • Maps of significant locations.
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    Download E-books Angmar: Land of the Witch King (MERP ICE #2300) PDF

    By Heike Kubasch

    Angmar contains:

    - four significant ground plans
    - eight B&W maps
    - Cultures, herblore & directions for working your individual adventures
    - A 16" x 20" full-color double-sided removable mapsheet, part no 1 of which info the NORTHERN MISTY MOUNTAINS, facet #2, maps out town of CARN DÛM

    Trolls, Giants, Dragons, Bears, Wargs, Orcs and naturally THE WITCH KING OF ANGMAR


    "It is ever so with the issues that males commence: there's a frost in Spring or a blight in summer season, and so they fail in their promise" (LotR III, p.182).

    Elendil and his heirs prepared kingdoms once they got here to Middle-earth from Numenor; Gondor within the South, and Arnor within the North. either have been reasonable and wealthy kingdoms first and foremost of the 3rd Age. at the present the heritage of the 2 kingdoms parted; the famous person of Gondor rose, yet that of Arnor fell into darkness. forces introduced the destruction of the North state. the 1st used to be the waning of the Dunedain who dwelt in Arnor. the second one, and much larger used to be the shadow that got here from the land of Angmar. the boys of Arnor withstood the evil strength of the Witch King for 6 lengthy centuries, a tribute to the power and tool of the Dunedain of the North.

    Arnor had suffered relatively little within the battle opposed to Sauron on the end of the second one Age, and the dominion must have prospered. even if the numbers of the Dunedain have been lowered, they have been nonetheless nice. The weather of Arnor used to be light and the land was once fertile and freed from enemies. For a number of hundred years issues went good, however the air of Eriador appeared unwholesome for the descendants of Numenor. Arnor fell into decline lengthy ahead of the land held any whisper of the shadow of Angmar. For purposes unknown the Dunedain deserted their capital of Annuminas upon the shorelines of Lake Nennuial, and withdrew to the lesser citadel urban of Fornost.

    The country of Arnor used to be doomed to "a frost in Spring, and a blight in Summer." The heirs of the dominion may perhaps now not agree at the succession to the throne of Arnor within the 9th century of the 3rd Age. In T.A. 861 the power of the northern realm was once divided into 3 kingdoms: Cardolan, Rhudaur, and Arthedain. The quarreling persevered; Rhudaur and Cardolan contested the ownership of the tower of Amon Sul and its Palantir. The watch on evil slept within the north; males became inwards and anxious themselves with their very own affairs. The rumours of evil multiplying within the mountains didn't curiosity them; for Arthedain and Cardolan at the least, the mountains have been a ways off. None gave their cognizance to the unpromising valley in a northern fork of the Misty Mountains.

    The Witch King arose in Angmar in the course of the realm of Malvegil of Arthedain, it slow among T.A. 1272-1349. males turned conscious of the transforming into evil within the mountains, yet Angmar used to be nonetheless getting ready its strength. No attacks at the Dunedain got here until eventually Argeleb, the son of Malvegil, assumed the throne.

    The subsequent sixty years have been darkish ones for the Dunedain of the North. The Dunedain of Rhudaur have been pushed out by means of evil hillmen in league with Angmar and Argeleb was once slain in conflict. jointly Arthedain and Cardolan held the elements Hills opposed to Angmar. In 1409 T.A. the Witch King of Angmar published his deadliest attack. Amon Sul was once raised and burned and the Dunedain have been compelled to escape westward. Cardolan was once laid to waste. support got here to the Dunedain from the Elves of the gray Havens, Rivendell, and Lorien. The armies of Angmar have been repelled from Fornost and the North Downs, and compelled to withdraw to Angmar. The shadow of the North was once contained for a time.


    The land of Angmar is among the grimmest locations in all of Middle-earth. it isn't black and twisted like Mordor, yet heartbreakingly chilly and barren. It lies in a northern fork within the Western Misty Mountains, and within the jap Misty Mountains. Little job is based upon the barren simple among the fork within the mountains; the border safeguard of guys is determined within the rolling hills upon the sting of the low plateau. those males watch the lengthy border street that runs from Carn Dûm to the southern tip of Angmar. The orcs favor the security of the tunnels within the mountains. within the East the Witch King has no border defend; the mountains bar access into Angmar from that path, other than to those that understand the orcish tunnels.

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    Download E-books Pathfinder Adventure Path: Shattered Star Part 4 - Beyond the Doomsday Door PDF

    By Tito Leati

    • The hunt for the seven shards of the Shattered megastar leads the heroes again to the western coast of Varisia, to the multifaith monastery often called Windsong Abbey. the following shard of the Shattered superstar seems to be hidden someplace in the dungeons under the abbey. but if the computers arrive, they locate the monastery in ruins and held by means of savage giants and twisted fey! An historic terror has back domestic, and now dwells in the deep dungeons under — a fear who hopes to open the dread Doomsday Door deep inside!
    • A Pathfinder Roleplaying online game adventure for 8th-level characters, past the Doomsday Door keeps the Shattered superstar event Path, during which avid gamers discover dungeons and desolate tract looking for a strong artifact. This quantity deals an exam of the tremendous proto-demons often called qlippoth and an essay on Groteus (God of Oblivion and Ruins). New monsters fill the Pathfinder Bestiary, whereas invoice Ward's Pathfinder magazine fiction explores the seedy underbelly of the scoundrel haven of Riddleport!

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    Download E-books Lost Realm of Cardolan (MERP ICE #3700) PDF

    By Jeff McKeage

    The dominion of Cardolan encompasses all the lands among the Rivers Brandywine, Greyflood, and Hoarwell. For a time, Cardolan stood on the leading edge of resistance to the forces of the Witch-king, mounting campaigns opposed to his Orcs, Trolls, and Easterlings. these have been the times of the Royal military. Now simply mercenaries and adventurers stay to dam the development of Darkness. The clash rages on, however it is a struggle of pillaging, burning vegetation, and inconclusive sieges; warfare with little honor and no glory.


    - THARBAD, maximum surviving paintings of the Númenórians
    - LOND DAER ENEDH, Aldarion's historic seaport
    - BARAD GIRITHLIN, potent tower of the nice homes of Cardolan

    Life is difficult and unforgiving for the peoples of Cardolan. For people with ambition and a powerful arm it's a time of chance. The Princes of Cardolan are continually at conflict, and few mercenary bands ask for references. Sell-swords, famous for low pay and a excessive mortality fee, gas the consistent strife. For people with the next function in brain, there's constantly the specter of the Witch-king and his brokers. The mightiest of the those is the noxious Warlord whose loss of life few may lament.

    Lost Realm of CARDOLAN includes:

    - 6 FULL-COLOR PAGES: four pages of Cardolan nearby maps plus a 2 face urban map of Tharbad
    - significant LAYOUTS: whole maps of Lond Daer Enedh in the course of various classes, in addition to the cities of Sudúri and Metraith, the fortresses of Argond and Barad Girithlin, and the Palace of Thalion
    - THE population: the Dúnedain, Eriadorans, the Clansmen of Saralann, the Beffraen, and the Northmen and Hobbits

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    Download E-books Forged by Dragon's Fire (Mage: The Ascension) PDF

    By Kraig Blackwelder, John Snead, Leonard Gentile

    Relics of Legendry and Infamy

    From amulets, flying carpets and magic wands to chilly fusion turbines and ray weapons, magical instruments have continually interested the preferred mind's eye. in addition they fascinate mages, for they could truly make those daydreams actual. however the universe now not accepts strong magic. the place wizards as soon as cast swords which may cleave mountains, now they need to be content material with remote-control autos. Or needs to they...? Can Paradox be thwarted lengthy adequate to once again permit the forging of guns of old?
    Wielded with woke up Will

    Forged by way of Dragon's hearth is a booklet of Wonders, featuring complex production principles for Artifacts and innovations, Charms and instruments, Fetishes, Periapts, Talismans and units and extra. additionally integrated are increased ideas for Familiars, better half spirits show up in flesh who carry a key to piercing the hurricane that rages among the worlds.

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    Download E-books Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Arms Law PDF

    By Tim Dugger, Heike A. Kubasch

    Rolemaster fable Roleplaying is a really versatile and finished RPG-system from Iron Crown companies:
    This torrent comprises Spell legislation; hands Law.
    From the web site:

    This is the RMFRP model of our vintage wrestle method, palms Law.

    Arms legislation strive against is the kind of strive against that might go away you shaking on your boots and bragging in your associates. not more ho-hum, uninteresting strive against, no longer with intriguing severe and fumble effects liven issues up.

    30 person weapon assault tables
    13 unique assault tables
    Hundreds of serious strike results
    Dozens of fumble effects

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    Download E-books The Frozen Reaches( Rogue Trader Adventure - WarpStorm Part 1) PDF

    By Owen Barnes, Tim Huckelbery, Tim Cox, Jason Marker

    In Frozen Reaches, the Explorers locate themselves dealing with an approaching Ork invasion and dealing to avoid wasting the planet of Damaris. yet first, they're going to have to set up squabbling factions and determine a united entrance. this is often no effortless activity, as robust forces are operating opposed to them from the shadows...

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    Download E-books The '00s (Designers & Dragons, Volume 4) PDF

    By Shannon Appelcline

    Every thing YOU’VE desired to learn about THE ORIGINS OF ROLEPLAYING GAMES...

    Designers & Dragons: The ’00s is a entire photograph of the hot resurgence of the RPG undefined. the ultimate and so much up-to-date e-book in a 4 quantity sequence, we’ve extra tens of hundreds of thousands of latest phrases and insider details to this quantity by myself. Take an within examine d20 businesses, watch the expansion of latest titans like Paizo Publishing, and find out about the expansion of indie presses like Evil Hat Productions. despite your gaming history, Shannon Appelcline’s meticulously researched historical past won’t disappoint.

    In this quantity, you’ll find:

  • A foreword by means of Lisa Stevens, founding father of Paizo Publishing
  • Profiles for twenty-five 2000s gaming businesses together with Paizo Publishing, eco-friendly Ronin, Mongoose Publishing, and yes—Evil Hat
  • The within scoop in the back of video games like Pathfinder, Freeport, destiny, and GUMSHOE
  • Ten belongings you will possibly not learn about roleplaying within the ’00s
  • An wide bibliography and index
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