Download E-books Immortal Eyes: Shadows on the Hill (Changeling: The Dreaming) PDF

By Angel McCoy

The mystical Islands

Welcome to Hawaii, one of many world's traditional splendors. From its glittering waterfalls to its firey volcanoes and black sand shores, Hawaii is taken into account to be probably the most appealing locations on the earth. Hawaii has lengthy been a haven for Kithain trying to flee the ravages of Banality. the following can be stumbled on the local Menehune changelings cause upon holding their islands unfastened from the encroaching Banality.

Dark Secrets

The moment installment of the Immortal Eyes trilogy, Shadows at the Hill alternatives up the place The Toybox left off. The Immortal Eyes chronicle combines a trilogy of novels with a chain of online game sourcebooks. Shadows at the Hill takes the characters to Hawaii the place they start to profit the complete scope of the Unseelie conspiracy.

Descriptions of the most freeholds and population of the islands.
gains 3 major tales designed to mesh with the Immortal Eyes chronicle.
whole details at the local fae of Hawaii, the Menehune.

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Download E-books Ancient Enemies PDF

By Matthew Grau

Thicker Than Blood

Underneath the rigorously crafted international of the recent Earth executive, a disorder festers. the youngsters of Chaos disguise in the amazing Chrysalis company, brokers of the tip. reason on bringing again the misplaced days of poor outdated gods, they seem to be a hidden tumor that quickly might be too malignant to excise. just one strength has the ability and the secrets and techniques to struggle the enemy inside. Legacy of the Forgotten Ones, the Eldritch Society secretly hunts the youngsters of Chaos. Holy warriors, monsters with the hearts of guys, fight desperately to avoid wasting humanity. And to the recent Earth executive, its saviors are monsters and its destroyers heroes.

This is the Shadow warfare - so few recognize the truth.

Peel again the layers of secrecy to discover the mysterious Eldritch Society. realize what becoming a member of in symbiosis with a specific thing from past area and time quite potential. endure mystical metamorphosis to affix extra deeply together with your otherworldly symbiont and believe the pull of its wild strength. Pull again the veil to stare into the darkish eyes of the genuine Chrysalis company. supply your self over to the facility of the previous Ones and suffer the notorious ceremony of Transfiguration, sacrificing your humanity for anything greater.

Nowhere else will you discover a atmosphere like this.

Inside this publication you'll find:

  • Five items of provocative brief fiction to aid painting the texture of the setting.
  • A specified exploration of the Eldritch Society, to offer you a true inspiration of what it's prefer to be a Tager and to struggle within the Shadow War.
  • A first glance behind the scenes on the Chrysalis company and the higher little ones of Chaos.
  • New personality concepts, together with new characteristics and 8 new professions, together with Eldritch Society Lorekeeper and Chrysalis company road Dealer.
  • More acquaintances and foes - new infrequent Tager and 4 new Dhohanoid manifestations.
  • Optional ideas for developing variation Tagers, in order that no manifestations want be alike.
  • Full ideas for the mysterious Tager metamorphosis, together with ten new metamorphic manifestations.
  • Full principles for designing Dhohanoid Characters and telling Chrysalis company tales, together with fourteen playable Dhohanoid manifestations and 4 new professions.
  • An creation to the arcane instruments of the kids of Chaos, together with new rituals, artifacts, and instruments and guns for the field.
  • A ready-to-play starter tale for Chrysalis company video games, in addition to numerous childrens of Chaos tale hooks, to begin you off correct away.
  • This booklet is intended for use with the CthulhuTech storytelling video game and calls for the center Book.

    This publication is meant for mature readers. It comprises darkish and annoying content material and photographs. Reader discretion is suggested.

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    Download E-books Technology Compendium: Sir Arthour's Guide to the Numenera PDF

    By Bruce R. Cordell, Robert J. Schwalb, Monte Cook, Shanna Germain

    The namesake of the total online game line, the “numenera” are artifacts, oddities, and little bits of virtually magic-like expertise left to the 9th international by way of one thousand million years of earlier civilizations. Now the 9th World’s ultimate professional, the redoubtable (though probably now not solely sane) Sir Arthour, brings approximately 1,000 new goods to the Numenera gaming table.

    The know-how Compendium: Sir Arthour’s consultant to the Numenera contains:

  • 400 new cyphers
  • 225 new artifacts
  • 300 new oddities
  • For the gamers, it introduces a brand new race: the substitute intelligence. And it contains wide GM suggestion on integrating exceptionally complex applied sciences into your video game.

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    Download E-books The Creation of Narrative in Tabletop Role-Playing Games PDF

    By Jennifer Grouling Cover

    Regardless of the increase of computing device gaming, hundreds of thousands of adults nonetheless play head to head function taking part in video games, which depend partly on social interplay to create tales. This paintings explores tabletop function enjoying online game (TRPG) as a style cut loose computing device position taking part in video games. the connection of TRPGs to different video games is tested, in addition to the interplay one of the tabletop module, computing device online game, and novel models of Dungeons & Dragons. Given specific recognition are the narrative and linguistic constructions of the gaming consultation, and the ways in which avid gamers and gamemasters interact to build narratives. The textual content additionally explores wider cultural impacts that encompass tabletop avid gamers.

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    Download E-books Book of Mirrors: Mage Storytellers Handbook (Mage: The Ascension) PDF

    By Ethan Skemp, Richard Dansky, Phil Brucato, Deena McKinney, Kathleen Ryan, Brian Cambell

    "Wow! Cool Game" Mage: The Ascension happens in an epic international loaded with hazards, intrigues and contradictions, an international the place not anything is ever what it kind of feels to be. in the unique realm of the woke up, wizards plot, demons upward thrust and truth itself shudders in discomfort and rapture. "Now How Do I Run It?" exciting because it could be, Mage bargains the would-be Storyteller a number of demanding situations. thankfully, assistance is now handy. This crucial but casual tome comprises Storytelling suggestion, a developer's F.A.Q., secrets and techniques of the Ascension conflict, and plenty of different enlightening candies, like... A step by step chronicle historical past; A cotnprehensive index to Mage books, principles and magicks; platforms and proposals for animals, shapeshifting, trade settings and extra.

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    Download E-books Night Stalkers (Hunter: The Vigil) PDF

    By Chuck Wendig, Justin Achilli, Richard Thomas

    We proportion related shadows. yet that doesn’t suggest we’re a similar. They nonetheless need to die.

    A moment time.

    A ultimate time.

    They die via the flame. That method, either one of us see the sunshine, if just for a moment.

    This e-book for Hunter: The Vigil includes:

    • An extreme investigate how the undying Vigil and the immortal vampires come jointly in an everlasting struggle.

    • a glance into how every one compact and conspiracy bargains with the callous depredations of vampire society. additionally information new compacts and conspiracies (including the hunters of the Cainite Heresy).

    • For vampire-hunters, a bunch of recent strategies, advantages and Endowments (including the Cainite Heresy’s Rites of Denial). For Storytellers, a “build-your-own” vampire part that includes new concepts to use previous folklore.

    • Philadelphia by way of evening: the town of cohesion is besieged via the everlasting fight of vampire as opposed to vampire, hunter as opposed to hunter, and everyone as opposed to every body.

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    Download E-books Dungeon World PDF

    By Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel

    Mod notice: This edition's art is in black-and-white, rather than the colorized variation chanced on right here:

    Both versions are retail caliber, and they're allowed to co-exist (not dupes).

    Combining high-action dungeon crawling with state-of-the-art principles, Dungeon global is a roleplaying online game of delusion experience. You and your folks will discover a land of magic and possibility within the roles of adventurers trying to find reputation, gold, and glory.

    Dungeon World’s ideas are effortless to benefit and continually force the motion ahead in unforeseen methods. A ignored roll isn't a useless end—failure introduces new complexities and issues. lifestyles as an adventurer is tough and unsafe yet it’s by no means boring!

    Designed to be prepared that you should hack, remix, and construct new content material, Dungeon global contains structures for altering every thing to fit your team together with growing new races, periods, and monsters.

    To play, you’ll want this rulebook, 3–5 avid gamers, a few polyhedral cube, and 2–4 hours.

    Explore myth experience roleplaying in a complete new method with Dungeon global!

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    Download E-books Book of Crafts: Whispers of Dissent (Mage the Ascension) PDF

    By Aaron Anderson, Lucien Soulban, Phil Brucato, Deena McKinney, James Estes, Looking Eagle, Wade Racine, Andrew Ragland, Derek Pea

    Jogging Secrets...

    Once, I met a chinese language girl with hobbled toes and historical eyes. as soon as, I fought a knight whose armor shone like burnished gentle. within the streets of Cairo, sharp-toothed males gnaw sinners' bones; in Haitian nighttimes, the Loa dance.

    Not all magi visit conflict, my younger pal. Many reside within the Titans' color, the shadows of shadows. those so-called "Orphans" have households, Son, and their methods might be extra old than our own

    Don't piss 'em off.

    - Hapsburg, Orphan Seer
    ...Ageless Ways...

    Those who see purely the 4 facets of the Ascension clash forget about the "Crafts," Magickal societies that forsake Traditions and Technocracy for the trails in their ancestors. Templars, voodoo monks, alchemists and sleek Amazons are only many of the 9 teams precise herein. What stories may they tell?
    ...Precious Truths.

    The e-book of Crafts: Whispers of Dissent offers 8 magickal societies from the borders of the Ascension battle, and includes:

    Histories, ideals, agencies and magicks for every Craft.
    Templates, rotes and better half consors.
    Intrigues and mysteries so much Traditions by no means see.

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