Download E-books The Last Laugh PDF

By Arjuna Ardagh

“I stood at the bridge prior to middle of the night, the wind from the sea arriving in violent blasts, as though asserting less than its breath, ‘Jump, motherf***er, jump.’ This used to be the final of a string of tried departures, such a lot orchestrated in my drained brain. constantly a sour reminder of all that were misplaced and destroyed by means of my foolishness.”

whilst suicide sounds like the best choice, you recognize anything has long gone horribly wrong—and that’s simply how Matt Thomson felt. He had misplaced every thing: his spouse, his young children, his activity, all his cash, and his entrance door key. yet every little thing alterations whilst he meets Joey Murphy, ex-Merchant Marine, entrepreneur, instructor, and wild guy, an enigmatic mix of Forrest Gump, Merlin, and a long-lost top friend.
Upon listening to Matt’s woes, Joey bargains Matt a life-changing deal he can’t resist:

“The lifestyles you recognize has been thoroughly predetermined through outdated conduct, either your triumphs and your mess ups. while you are quite on the finish of your rope, those conduct will drop away, and you'll be loose . . . I provide you with ten days, beginning at the present time. i'll exhibit you all you must see. it truly is as much as you.”

And with the deal struck Joey leads Matt at the roller-coaster experience of his lifestyles: a 10 day experience full of dodging cop vehicles, enjoying Blind Man’s baseball at the fringe of a cliff, discovering heaven in a Taco Bell, and studying the right way to open the hearts of overall strangers. Joey introduces Matt to “the actual Teacher,” but in addition leads him to stand his personal inner most darkness and melancholy.

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Download E-books Blue Truth: A Spiritual Guide to Life & Death and Love & Sex PDF

By David Deida

You are deeper than your lifestyles indicates, and also you are aware of it. you're extra loving than your relationships permit, extra great than your profession indicates. on your mystery intensity of being, you're countless, artistic, boundless and completely not able to press your complete glory into the realm. Or so it seems.

In Blue Truth, David Deida provides a treasury of abilities and insights for uncovering and providing your real center of goal, ardour, and unquenchable love. partly One, Deida indicates you the way to open because the entirety of the instant, feeling as deep inside of and as some distance outdoors as you could, for so long as now opens. partially , he finds the right way to stroll this direction within the desolate tract of intimate dating, illuminating the paintings and play of sexual gifting, together with tips on how to expertly navigate the tangle of anger, jealousy, worry, lust, and masses, a lot more.
“Knowing in actual fact rather lifeless; feeling it really is profound; dwelling it makes the entire difference,” teaches David Deida.  With Blue fact, you've gotten an exceptional consultant for residing your individual deep fact, and awakening “as the naked openness you're, within the loose providing of affection to all.”
Blue Truth was once named by way of Spirituality & well-being Magazine (June 2006 factor) as the best religious Books of 2005, within the own development category.
Table of Contents
lifestyles & Death

  1. Love absolutely and Die
  2. Feel earlier than Memory
  3. Give every little thing Now
  4. Unfold Your Heart
  5. Resist Nothing
  6. Breathe Everything
  7. Wear Everyone’s Shape
  8. Offer your self as Love
  9. Unclench as though Asleep
  10. Relax as You Are
  11. Honor Your Depth
  12. Open whereas Failing
  13. Appreciate Dissatisfaction
  14. Don’t look forward to Perfection
  15. Do Love via Your Body
  16. Be Reminded through Jealousy
  17. Express Who you actually Are
  18. Live as Love
  19. Remain Open while Disgusted
  20. Undo All Effort

Love & Sex

  1. Allow Love’s Hurt
  2. Recognize Your Refusal
  3. Let Love reside as Anger
  4. Permit Your Heart’s Wild Passion
  5. Live Your Heart’s Truth
  6. Ravish past Safety
  7. Enjoy Flowery Combat
  8. Unguard Your Sex
  9. Don’t accept Fulfillment
  10. Be loose as Love Now
  11. Shine as Love’s Light
  12. Play Sexuality as Art
  13. Open Deeper Than Need
  14. Trust Him greater than Yourself
  15. Exaggerate intercourse to free up Love
  16. Hold not anything Back
  17. Offer intercourse for the Sake of All
  18. Awaken Sexually as Bliss and Emptiness
  19. Be Alive as Gifting

Blue Truth is a superb ebook, totally gorgeous.  historical knowledge on sacred sexuality, freed of old and cultural trappings, glows from those pages in exhilarating, luminous prose.  Deida brilliantly lays naked the hidden psychology of female and masculine and provides transparent directions for tapping into our inner most center and reaching actual concord via sexual intimacy.  i think that Deida has reached a brand new point of poetic genius in his writing, and his realizing of female psychology astounds me.  i'm simply knocked out via this book.”
—Miranda Shaw, PhD, writer of Passionate Enlightenment:  ladies in Tantric Buddhism
“David Deida is within the dynamic dwelling oral culture of maverick religious academics who, like free-jazz musicians, can riff without delay on truth, outdoors of tested forms.  Mark my words:  in a destiny that i'm hoping isn't really too faraway, David Deida’s unique Western Dharma may be well known as some of the most elegant and available expressions of the essence of religious perform that's freely provided today.”
—Lama Surya Das, bestselling writer of Awakening the Buddha Within
“The openness, the love!  What full of life new language David Deida reveals for the unsayable.”
—Coleman Barks, writer of The crucial Rumi

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Download E-books The God Argument: The Case against Religion and for Humanism PDF

By A. C. Grayling

Examining all of the arguments for and opposed to faith and non secular belief--across the diversity of purposes and causes that individuals have for being spiritual and the way they withstand scrutiny--The God Argument is a landmark publication within the ongoing debate in regards to the position of faith and secularism in our global.

While A. C. Grayling is a transparent critic of faith as a guiding strength, in contrast to a few of religion's competitors, he rigorously considers a number of the arguments for the life of God and the numerous purposes humans think in a deity. extra very important, he then deals a strong replacement to faith as a world-view--humanism--an lifestyle when you desire to dwell with highbrow integrity, in accordance with cause, proof, and a wish to do and be sturdy, and one that doesn't intervene with people's rights to their very own ideals and freedom of expression.

Humanism, as Grayling unearths it, is an ethics of sympathy and tolerance in response to the simplest recreation to make feel of human nature and the human situation. although humanism acknowledges why some of the faiths first arose, it however argues that geared up faith should still now not accept a privileged place in society.

Thoughtfully provocative, intellectually expansive, The God Argument makes a strong case that secular trust, freed from spiritual dogma, allows a way more compassionate and being concerned worldview.

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Download E-books The Spectrum of Consciousness (Quest Books) PDF

Wilber's groundbreaking synthesis of faith, philosophy, physics, and psychology all started a revolution in transpersonal psychology. He used to be the 1st to signify in a scientific approach that the nice mental structures of the West should be built-in with the noble contemplative traditions of the East. Spectrum of Consciousness, first published via Quest in 1977, has been the well-liked reference aspect for all next makes an attempt at integrating psychology and spirituality.

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Download E-books Travels with Puff: A Gentle Game of Life and Death PDF

By Richard Bach

"A few years in the past, an individual requested me in terms of their T-shirt, acquired Freedom? this is, a section not on time and when it comes to small seaplanes and a continent 10000 horizons huge, my answer."--Richard Bach
In the culture of John Steinbeck's Travels with Charley, and Richard Bach's personal bestseller, Illusions, Travels with Puff recounts Bach' trip from Florida to Washington country in his small seaplane. With humor, knowledge and perception that may basically come from one of many worlds such a lot cherished authors and an entire pilot, and greater than a hundred and eighty gorgeous colour photos, Travels with Puff demanding situations our principles of destiny and our futures, and asks us how do we organize for the emergencies in our personal lives? do we ever quite be secure? And, is being secure constantly what we want?

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Download E-books Teachings of the Santería Gods: The Spirit of the Odu PDF

The 1st ebook to discover the sacred myths of Santería

• contains greater than a hundred myths, tales, and histories in regards to the odu and the orishas

• Reassembles the oral fragments from the African diaspora into coherent tales

• Demonstrates that the African peoples, particularly the Yoruba, have been deeply religious

At the center of the diloggún--the sacred divination approach of Santería--are the sacred tales referred to as the patakís, narratives whose issues are as robust and suitable this present day as they have been within the minds of the traditional Yoruba who safeguarded them. each one patakí is attached to at least one or extra of the sixteen odu, the critical inventive forces of Santería. a few recount the lives of orishas on the earth, others the lives of people in heaven, and a few inform of the odu themselves, for even they as soon as walked the earth as mortals.

The first booklet to discover those old African tales in English, Teachings of the Santería Gods recounts greater than a hundred of those sacred parables, together with many tales reassembled from the oral culture of the African diaspora. starting from production myths to what occurs while a love potion works a ways too good, those tales proportion the knowledge and spirituality of the Yoruba humans of historic Africa and shape the dwelling, oral bible of 1 of the world’s fastest-growing faiths.

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Download E-books Le parti pris des animaux PDF

By Jean-Christophe Bailly

Les huit textes qui composent ce livre sont tous consacrés aux animaux.

La shock et le joie qu’ils existent, les craintes envers une disparition qui semble hélas programmée pour beaucoup d’entre eux, ces motifs s’entremêlent à ceux du regard et du silence. Ce que dit et répète ce livre, c’est que les animaux, qui font rayonner l’existence hors des rets du langage, exercent pourtant envers nous los angeles pression intimante d’un autre accès au sens. C’est ce sens éperdu, confondu au vivant, qui est poursuivi ici.

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Download E-books The History of Magic PDF

By Eliphas Levi

First released in 1913, this vintage textual content is a useful resource ebook at the historical past and perform of magic and occultism. The contents comprise: Magic of the Magi, Magic in historical Greece, the Kabalah, Primitive Symbolism, Mysticism, Oracles, Magical Monuments, Magic and Christianity, Pagan Magic, Kabalistic work and Sacred logos, Sorcerers, Magic and Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and extra. Illustrated.

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Download E-books Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not A Globe (2nd Edition) PDF

By Samuel Birley Rowbotham, George Davey

Earth now not A Globe!
An experimental inquiry into the genuine determine of the earth: Proving it a airplane, with out axial or orbital movement; and the single fabric international within the universe!

"Samuel Birley Rowbotham, less than the pseudonym 'Parallax', lectured for 2 many years up and down Britain selling his distinctive flat earth idea. This publication, during which he lays out his international approach, went via 3 variants, beginning with a sixteen web page pamphlet released in 1849 and a moment variation of 221 pages released in 1865. The 3rd variation of 1881 (which had inflated to 430 pages) used to be used because the foundation of this etext.

Rowbotham was once an complete debater who seemingly steamrollered all rivals, and his fans, who incorporated many well-educated humans, have been both tenacious. one among them, John Hampden, received focused on a raffle with the well-known naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace concerning the flat earth. An test which Hampden proposed didn't unravel the difficulty, and the 2 ended up in court docket in 1876. The pass judgement on governed opposed to Hampton, who began an extended crusade of criminal harassment of Wallace. Rowbotham tricks on the incident during this book.

Rowbotham believed that the earth is flat. The contients flow on an unlimited ocean which someway has a layer of fireside beneath it. The lands we all know are surrounded via an unlimited desolate tract of ice and snow, past the Antarctic ocean, bordered via a huge round ice-cliff. What we name the North Pole is within the heart of the earth.

The polar projection of the flat earth creates visible discrepancies with identified geography, rather the farther south you cross. determine fifty four inadvertantly illustrates this challenge. The Zetetic map has a severly squashed South the USA and Africa, and Australia and New Zealand in the midst of the Pacific. i believe that by means of the nineteenth century humans could have spotted if Australia and Africa have been hundreds of thousands of miles additional aside than anticipated, not to mention if Africa used to be wider than it was once long!

The Zetetic solar, moon, planets and stars are all just a couple of hundred miles above the skin of the earth. The solar orbits the north pole as soon as an afternoon at a relentless altitude. The moon is either self-illuminated and semi-transparent. Eclipses will be defined by way of a few unknown item occulting the solar or moon. Zetetic cosmology is 'faith-based', established, that's, on a literal interpretation of chosen Biblical costs. Hell is strictly as marketed, at once less than us. Heaven isn't a mind set, it's a genuine position, someplace above us. He makes use of Ussherian Biblical chronology to mock the idea that stars may be hundreds of thousands of sunshine years away. He assaults the concept that of a plurality of worlds simply because no different international than this one is pointed out within the Bible.

Rowbotham by no means safely explains his substitute astronomy. If the Copernican concept so appropriately explains planetary motions, why discard it, and what could he use instead? what's the sunlight orbiting round as soon as an afternoon and the way does it paintings like a focus, no longer a 'point source'? If the moon is self-luminous, what creates its levels? If gravity looks to paintings the following on the earth, why doesn't it practice to the celestial items quite a few hundred miles up?

To make his approach paintings he needed to throw out loads of technology, together with the clinical approach itself, utilizing in its place what he calls a 'Zetetic' approach. so far as i will be able to see this is often easily a license to hire round reasoning (e.g., the earth is flat, accordingly we will be able to see far away lighthouses, as a result the earth is flat).

Zetetic Astronomy is a key paintings of flat-earth idea, simply as Donnelly's Atlantis, the Antediluvian international remains to be thought of required interpreting almost about Atlantis. for those who ever need to debate the flat earth professional or con, this ebook is a whole time table of every aspect that you'll need to argue." (Quote from

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