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By John Keats

Those Everyman's Library Pocket Poets hardcover variations are renowned for his or her compact measurement and average rate which don't compromise content material. Poems: Keats features a complete choice of Keats's paintings, together with his lyric poems, narrative poems, letters, and an index of first strains.

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Decisions] Poems / John Keats. p. cm. —(Everyman’s library pocket poets) contains bibliographical references. ISBN 0-679-43319-8 I. name. II. sequence. PR4832 1994 821’. 7—dc20 94-2495 CIP v3. 1 CONTENTS hide name web page Copyright LYRIC POEMS On first taking a look into Chapman’s Homer Addressed to Haydon at the Grasshopper and Cricket After darkish vapours Chaucer’s ‘The Floure and The Leefe’ On first seeing the Elgin Marbles while i've got fears at the Sea To Homer satisfied is England to at least one who has been lengthy in urban pent To Kosciusko On sitting right down to learn ‘King Lear’ once more The Human Seasons Sonnet written within the Cottage the place Burns was once born Why did I snort to-night? Where’s the Poet? Ode to a Nightingale Ode on a Grecian Urn Ode to Psyche Ode on depression On Indolence To Autumn music los angeles Belle Dame sans Merci To Sleep Sonnet written on a clean web page in Shakespeare’s Poems This residing Hand NARRATIVE POEMS Sleep and Poetry From Endymion Lamia Isabella or, The Pot of Basil The Eve of St. Agnes Hyperion From the autumn of Hyperion — A Dream LETTERS Index of First traces LYRIC POEMS ON FIRST having a look INTO CHAPMAN’S HOMER a lot have I travell’d within the geographical regions of gold, and lots of goodly states and kingdoms obvious; around many western islands have I been Which bards in fealty to Apollo carry. Oft of 1 huge expanse had I been instructed That deep-brow’d Homer governed as his demesne; but did I by no means breathe its natural serene until I heard Chapman converse out loud and impressive: Then felt i admire a few watcher of the skies while a brand new planet swims into his ken; Or like stout Cortez while with eagle eyes He star’d on the Pacific — and all his males Look’d at one another with a wild surmise — Silent, upon a height in Darien. ADDRESSED TO HAYDON nice spirits now in the world are sojourning; He of the cloud, the cataract, the lake, Who on Helvellyn’s summit, conscious, Catches his freshness from Archangel’s wing: He of the rose, the violet, the spring, The social smile, the chain for Freedom’s sake: And lo! — whose stedfastness may by no means take A meaner sound than Raphael’s whispering. And different spirits there are status aside Upon the brow of the age to return; those, those will supply the area one other middle, And different pulses. listen ye now not the hum Of strong workings? — pay attention awhile ye countries, and be dumb. at the GRASSHOPPER AND CRICKET The poetry of earth is rarely lifeless: while the entire birds are faint with the recent sunlight, and conceal in cooling bushes, a voice will run From hedge to hedge in regards to the new-mown mead; that's the Grasshopper’s — he's taking the lead In summer season luxurious, — he hasn't ever performed together with his delights; for whilst drained out with enjoyable He rests comfy underneath a few friendly weed. The poetry of earth is ceasing by no means: On a lone iciness night, whilst the frost Has wrought a silence, from the range there shrills The Cricket’s tune in heat expanding ever, And turns out to at least one in drowsiness part misplaced, The Grasshopper’s between a few grassy hills. AFTER darkish VAPOURS After darkish vapours have oppress’d our plains For an extended dreary season, comes an afternoon Born of the light South, and clears away From the in poor health heavens all unseemly stains.

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