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By John Woodward

A photographic ceremonial dinner serves up imagery and knowledge approximately all issues planet Earth: from its position within the sun approach, to what it is made from, to what grows in it and on it, to what hovers above it.

Following at the fabulous luck of One Million issues: a visible Dictionary, this mind-blowing publication gains dynamic photographic spreads that fantastically show off the rocks, minerals, streams, oceans, layers, clouds, old sediments, and brand-new islands that make up our planet. there are literally thousands of issues to benefit approximately Planet Earth!

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So much igneous rocks are composed of interlocking crystals and are very difficult. LAVA Molten rock that erupts from a volcano. FERTILIZER CONVECTION Circulating currents in gases or drinks, similar to air and water, or even scorching, cellular rock, pushed via changes in temperature. a mix of plant foodstuff used to advertise plant development. FJORD A deep coastal valley eroded via a glacier that's now flooded by means of the ocean. CRYSTAL BIOSPHERE IGNEOUS A gemlike constitution which may shape while a liquid turns into a great. Its form depends upon the association of its atoms. CALDERA a tremendous crater shaped whilst a volcano collapses into its magma chamber after this has been emptied by means of an eruption. CYANOBACTERIA CARBOHYDRATE CYCLONE A substance, reminiscent of sugar or starch, that's made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen by means of a residing organism, akin to a plant. A climate approach with clouds, rain, and powerful winds brought on by air swirling right into a sector of emerging hot, wet air. micro organism which can use solar power to make sugar from carbon dioxide and water. LIMESTONE A rock made up of calcite (lime) that's simply dissolved through a bit acid rainwater. such a lot limestones are shaped from the skeletons of marine organisms. MAGMA FOSSIL The continues to be or lines of a dwelling factor which have been preserved, frequently in stony shape and in sedimentary rock. GALAXY an enormous mass of many hundreds of thousands of stars in area, frequently circulating round a vital nucleus. GLACIER A mass of ice shaped from compacted snow which may flow slowly downhill. Molten rock that lies inside or underneath Earth’s crust. MANTLE The deep layer of sizzling rock that lies among Earth’s crust and the middle. It varieties eighty four percentage of the amount of the planet. MARITIME weather A weather seriously influenced via a close-by ocean. commonly, it has light winters, cool summers, and standard rainfall all year long. METAMORPHISM natural PREDATOR SUPERHEAT In geology, a approach that turns one kind of rock into one other, often related to extreme warmth, strain, or either. Technically, a substance that's in keeping with the aspect carbon, yet frequently that means whatever that is—or was once once—alive. An animal that hunts and eats different stay animals, that are referred to as its prey. To warmth a liquid, equivalent to water, stressed, so it will get warmer than its common boiling aspect. PROTIST TEMPERATE A weather that's neither very popular nor very chilly, or a sector that has this sort of weather. Grassland used to feed animals, resembling sheep and farm animals. An aquatic or terrestrial organism that sometimes involves a unmarried, advanced mobilephone, corresponding to the diatoms that flow within the ocean, but additionally together with seaweeds. Protists contain one of many five kingdoms of existence. PEAT RESERVOIR A plate boundary among slabs of Earth’s crust the place they slide sideways relative to one another. The compacted is still of crops that experience now not but decayed, simply because waterlogging excluded oxygen very important to decay organisms. A traditional or artificial shop of liquid, frequently water. TRIBUTARY METEOR a fraction of area rock or ice that plunges in the course of the surroundings and burns up as a “shooting famous person.

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