Download E-books Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming PDF

By Jason R. Briggs

For children elderly 10+ (And Their Parents)

The code during this booklet runs on nearly whatever: home windows, Mac, Linux, even an OLPC machine or Raspberry Pi!

Python is a robust, expressive programming language that is effortless to benefit and enjoyable to exploit! yet books approximately studying to application in Python will be type of boring, grey, and dull, and that is no enjoyable for anyone.

Python for Kids brings Python to lifestyles and brings you (and your mom and dad) into the area of programming. The ever-patient Jason R. Briggs will consultant you thru the fundamentals as you test with targeted (and usually hilarious) instance courses that function starving monsters, mystery brokers, thieving ravens, and extra. New phrases are outlined; code is coloured, dissected, and defined; and quirky, full-color illustrations hold issues at the lighter side.

Chapters finish with programming puzzles designed to stretch your mind and enhance your knowing. by means of the tip of the ebook you should have programmed whole video games: a the image of the well-known Pong and "Mr. Stick guy Races for the Exit"—a platform video game with jumps, animation, and lots more and plenty more.

As you strike out in your programming event, you will learn the way to:

  • Use primary facts constructions like lists, tuples, and maps
  • Organize and reuse your code with features and modules
  • Use regulate constructions like loops and conditional statements
  • Draw shapes and styles with Python's turtle module
  • Create video games, animations, and different graphical wonders with tkinter

Why may still critical adults have all of the enjoyable? Python for Kids is your price tag into the fantastic global of computing device programming.

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Age = 12 >>> if age == 12: print("A pig fell within the dust! ") else: print("Shh. it is a mystery. ") A pig fell within the dust! simply because we’ve set the age variable to twelve, and the situation is looking no matter if age is the same as 12, you'll want to see the 1st print message at the display. Now test altering the worth of age to a bunch except 12, like this: >>> print("Want to listen to a grimy funny story? ") are looking to listen a grimy shaggy dog story? >>> age = eight >>> if age == 12: print("A pig fell within the dust! ") else: print("Shh. it is a mystery. ") Shh. it is a mystery. This time, you'll want to see the second one print message. if and elif Statements we will expand an if assertion even additional with elif (which is brief for else-if). for instance, we will be able to cost if a person’s age is 10, eleven, or 12 (and so on) and feature our software do whatever various according to the reply. those statements are diverse from if-thenelse statements in that there may be multiple elif within the comparable assertion: >>> age = 12 >>> if age == 10: print("What do you name an unsatisfied cranberry? ") print("A blueberry! ") elif age == eleven: print("What did the golf green grape say to the blue grape? ") print("Breathe! Breathe! ") elif age == 12: print("What did zero say to eight? ") print("Hi men! ") elif age == thirteen: print("Why wasn't 10 terrified of 7? ") print("Because instead of consuming nine, 7 eight pi. ") else: print("Huh? ") What did zero say to eight? hello men! during this instance, the if assertion at the moment line tests to determine if the price of the age variable is the same as 10 at . The print assertion that follows at is administered if age is the same as 10. even though, given that we’ve set age equivalent to twelve, the pc jumps to the subsequent if assertion at and tests if the worth of age is the same as eleven. It isn’t, so the pc jumps to the following if assertion at to work out if age is the same as 12. it truly is, so this time, the pc executes the print command at . if you input this code within the IDLE, it is going to instantly indent, so be sure you press the backspace or delete key as soon as you’ve typed each one print assertion, in order that your if, elif, and else statements will begin on the far-left margin. this is often a similar place the if assertion will be in if the steered (>>>) have been absent. Combining stipulations you could mix stipulations by utilizing the keyword phrases and and or, which produces shorter and less complicated code. Here’s an instance of utilizing or: >>> if age == 10 or age == eleven or age == 12 or age == thirteen: print('What is thirteen + forty nine + eighty four + one hundred fifty five + ninety seven? A headache! ') else: print('Huh? ') during this code, if any of the stipulations at the first line are actual (in different phrases, if age is 10, eleven, 12, or 13), the block of code at the subsequent line starting with print will run. If the stipulations within the first line aren't real (else), Python strikes to the block within the final line, showing Huh? at the reveal. To scale back this instance even additional, shall we use the and key-phrase, besides the more than or equal-to operator (>=) and less-than-or-equal-to operator (<=), as follows: >>> if age >= 10 and age <= thirteen: print('What is thirteen + forty nine + eighty four + one hundred fifty five + ninety seven?

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