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The 1st play of a ancient tetralogy along with Shakespeare’s Henry IV (parts 1 and a pair of) and Henry V, Richard II info the tragic downfall of the eponymous king and simultaneous upward thrust of Henry IV. while Richard II’s reliance on his bloodline and the Divine correct of Kings makes him quaint and such as medieval rulers, Henry IV’s contrastingly smooth reliance on Machiavellian ideas and his highbrow prowess offers him an area that's finally Richard’s undoing. a strong and complicated tragedy, Richard II is still the most politically charged performs of Shakespeare’s illustrious occupation.

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Fifty nine O unswerving father of a treacherous son, 60 Thou sheer, immaculate, and silver fountain sixty one From whence this move, via muddy passages, sixty two Hath held his present and defiled himself, sixty three Thy overflow of fine converts to undesirable, sixty four And thy considerable goodness shall excuse sixty five This lethal blot in thy digressing son. sixty six YORK So shall my advantage be his vice’s bawd, sixty seven And he shall spend mine honor together with his disgrace, sixty eight As thriftless sons their scraping fathers’ gold. sixty nine Mine honor lives whilst his dishonor dies, 70 Or my shamed existence in his dishonor lies. seventy one Thou kill’st me in his lifestyles: giving him breath, seventy two The traitor lives, the genuine man’s positioned to dying. seventy three DUCHESS, What ho, my liege! For God’s sake, enable me in! seventy four KING HENRY What suppliant makes this keen cry? seventy five DUCHESS, a lady and thy aunt, nice king. ’Tis I. seventy six converse with me, pity me. Open the door! seventy seven A beggar begs that by no means begged earlier than. seventy eight KING HENRY Our scene is altered from a major factor seventy nine And now replaced to “The Beggar and the King. ”— eighty My risky cousin, permit your mom in. eighty one i do know she is come to hope on your foul sin. eighty two YORK If thou do pardon whosoever pray, eighty three extra sins for this forgiveness prosper may possibly. eighty four This festered joint bring to a halt, the remainder relaxation sound. eighty five This not to mention will the entire leisure confound. 86 DUCHESS O king, think now not this hard-hearted guy. 87 Love loving now not itself, none different can. 88 YORK Thou frantic lady, what dost thou make right here? 89 Shall thy previous dugs once again a traitor rear? ninety DUCHESS candy York, wait and see. —Hear me, mild liege. ninety one KING HENRY stand up, stable aunt. ninety two DUCHESS                     Not but, I thee beseech. ninety three endlessly will I stroll upon my knees ninety four and not see day that the satisfied sees, ninety five until thou supply pleasure, until eventually thou bid me pleasure ninety six by way of pardoning Rutland, my transgressing boy. ninety seven AUMERLE, Unto my mother’s prayers I bend my knee. ninety eight YORK, opposed to them either my real joints bended be. ninety nine unwell mayst thou thrive if thou furnish any grace. a hundred DUCHESS Pleads he in earnest? glance upon his face. one zero one His eyes do drop no tears, his prayers are in jest; 102 His phrases come from his mouth, ours from our 103 breast. 104 He prays yet faintly and will be denied. a hundred and five We pray with middle and soul and all beside. 106 His weary joints may gladly upward push, i do know. 107 Our knees nonetheless kneel until to the floor they develop. 108 His prayers are choked with fake hypocrisy, 109 Ours of real zeal and deep integrity. one hundred ten Our prayers do outpray his. Then allow them to have 111 That mercy which actual prayer should have. 112 stable aunt, get up. 113 DUCHESS                        Nay, don't say “stand up. ” 114 Say “pardon” first and afterwards “stand up. ” a hundred and fifteen An if I have been thy nurse, thy tongue to educate, 116 “Pardon” might be the 1st note of thy speech. 117 I by no means longed to listen to a note until now. 118 Say “pardon,” king; permit pity train thee how.

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