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By Steven Banks

Jumpin' jellyfish! Whoever wins Bikini Bottom's Easter Parade glide contest will get the Golden Egg award. SpongeBob and Patrick are looking to win really undesirable -- and so they do! It simply occurs to be with anyone else's flow. discover what occurs during this humorous Easter story.

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Acknowledged SpongeBob. “An Easter go with the flow must have a bunny or Easter eggs,” defined SpongeBob. Patrick picked up an egg, glued it to a bit of wooden, and tied a rope to it. “It’s performed! ” he shouted. “We’re going to win! ” SpongeBob shook his head. “I don’t imagine so. Let’s cross examine the opposite floats. ” Patrick and SpongeBob peeked in at Mr. Krabs’s flow, which featured his daughter, Pearl. “Argh! ” acknowledged Mr. Krabs. “This will win the Golden Egg Award and promote Krabby Patties, too! ” Next they spied on Plankton’s flow, which used to be only a mammoth statue of . . . Plankton! “I have outdone myself! ” shouted Plankton. “All will bow all the way down to me as grasp of the universe whilst I win the Golden Egg Award! Ha! Ha! Ha! ” Sandy Cheeks had simply comprehensive her go with the flow whilst SpongeBob and Patrick peeked in. Sandy checked out her flow proudly and stated, “This is gonna be the most important, rootin’ tootin’ flow this city has ever visible! ” Squidward’s waft had Squidward taking part in his clarinet inside of an enormous egg. “I ask yourself the place I may still positioned the Golden Egg Award whilst I win tomorrow,” he acknowledged. “I can’t wait to work out SpongeBob’s and Patrick’s drift. i may use a superb giggle! ” “Everybody’s floats are greater than ours! We’ll by no means win! ” cried SpongeBob. “We shouldn’t have long past jellyfishing and bubble looking at and burping! ” “I blame the jellyfish! ” stated Patrick. simply then a truck sporting a stunning Easter drift pulled over. “Where’s a long way Reef? ” requested the driving force. “I gotta carry this drift for his or her Easter parade. ” SpongeBob pointed down the line. because the truck pulled away it hit a bump within the street, and the drift fell off! SpongeBob ran after the truck. “Hey! Mister Truck driving force! ” he referred to as. “You dropped your glide! ” Patrick jumped up at the waft. “SpongeBob, examine the drift I simply stumbled on! Let’s use it! ” “We can’t,” acknowledged SpongeBob. “We didn’t make it. ” Patrick picked up the piece of wooden with the egg on it and placed it at the attractive drift. “Now we made it! ” he acknowledged. SpongeBob squirmed. “Well . . . i suppose lets borrow it for a short while. ” The subsequent morning SpongeBob and Patrick confirmed up with the waft. “That’s one heck of a go with the flow! ” stated Sandy. “It should have rate a gorgeous penny! ” stated Mr. Krabs. “How did you are making that so speedy? ” requested a suspicious Squidward. “Computers,” acknowledged Patrick. The mayor of Bikini backside gave SpongeBob and Patrick the Golden Egg Award. “This is the main attractive Easter waft now we have ever visible! ” he stated. “You will be proud! ” SpongeBob attempted to grin. “Uh, yeah, we’re very proud. ” The parade all started, and SpongeBob and Patrick’s drift used to be correct on the entrance. each person used to be clapping and chanting, “SpongeBob and Patrick! SpongeBob and Patrick! ” Even although everybody was once cheering for them, SpongeBob felt undesirable. He knew they didn’t need to win. “STOP THE PARADE! ” shouted SpongeBob. “I have a confession. We didn’t make this waft! ” “We didn’t? ” requested Patrick. “It fell off a truck,” stated SpongeBob. “We desired to win the trophy so badly that we cheated. ” Plankton stamped his tiny foot. “Why didn’t i feel of that? ” The Golden Egg Award used to be divided into 4 items and shared through Sandy, Squidward, Mr.

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