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By Wilbert Awdry

Titanic roving shadows and monster-size footprints attempt the engines' bravery in a brand-new Thomas & neighbors motion picture, story of the courageous. tailored from the motion picture, this Little Golden e-book will thrill train-obsessed little girls and boys a long time 2 to five.

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There’s no things like monsters. ” Percy couldn’t cease pondering monsters. As he got here to the head of a hill, he observed an odd form within the distance. “What’s that? ” Percy puffed. “I wish it’s not … a MONSTER! ” “I don’t frequently get fallacious for a monster,” the large engine tooted. “But they do name me Gator. it kind of feels fogeys imagine i glance like an alligator. ” far and wide Percy went that evening, he inspiration he observed unknown creatures. bushes and haystacks grew to become monsters. Laundry on a clothesline seemed like ghosts. Percy was once so scared, he didn’t even bring the mail. the next day to come, Percy observed James. “Hello, scaredy-engine,” James puffed. “Seen any monsters in recent times? ” “You can tease in the event you want,” Percy peeped. “But Thomas observed titanic footprints on the pits. There could be monsters on Sodor. ” James used to be busy puzzling over monsters whilst he grew to become the nook into the scrap yard—and got here head to head with jagged tooth and crooked claws! “Noo! ” James peeped. “Help! ” James learned it used to be just a pile of damaged steel. Down on the docks, Percy observed Gator. “I’m heading around the sea soon,” Gator puffed. “I want I have been as courageous as you,” Percy peeped. “Being courageous isn't the related as now not feeling scared, Percy. Being courageous is what you do even if you are feeling scared. ” Percy made up our minds to be courageous and pull the mail vehicles that evening. His boiler bubbled boldly as he chugged around the geographical region. not anything scared him. “Gator is right,” he tooted. “I should be courageous! ” in the meantime, grumpy James was once now not as satisfied. He had to haul a trainful of unpolluted fish. As he rounded a bend, he observed a wide, shadowy form. He didn’t comprehend it was once purely Gator. James raced away. He used to be so fearful that he jumped off the rails right into a pond! James needed to be hoisted out of the pond via Rocky. while the opposite engines observed him, that they had an outstanding giggle. “You have been intended to carry the fish,” Henry puffed, “not throw them again within the water! ” James didn’t like those jokes one bit. He’d convey everybody that Percy used to be the true scaredy-engine, now not him. That evening, Percy observed whatever unusual—something large. This wasn’t a haystack or a funny-looking engine. It groaned and flashed its tremendous tooth within the moonlight. Percy didn’t are looking to be courageous anymore. He dropped his mail vans and raced again to the sheds. the following day, Thomas observed James with a truckful of scrap, correct the place Percy had obvious the monster! “James! ” Thomas tooted. “You made a monster out of scrap steel to offer Percy a fright. you must locate him and make an apology. ” the 2 engines break up as much as locate Percy. Percy stumbled on Gator on his send. “I’m going a ways away,” Percy puffed. “I’ll convey all people how courageous i will be able to be! ” Gator idea for a second. “Running clear of your difficulties isn't courageous, Percy. ” Thomas chugged throughout Sodor, searching for Percy. but if he heard a far off send blow its horn, a negative idea flew into his funnel. “Oh, no! ” Thomas peeped. “I be aware of the place Percy goes! ” “Percy, come down! ” Thomas whistled. “You can’t depart! ” Gator peered over the railing of the send. “Percy’s now not right here. ” Thomas may well think about just one different position the place Percy may perhaps cross.

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