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By William Shakespeare

When the king's son hears the chastity of 1 of his father's advisors praised, he units out to sully her identify, with tragic consequences.

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Time’s place of work is to superb the detest of foes, To consume up blunders through opinion bred, now not spend the dowry of a lawful mattress. ‘Time’s glory is to calm contending kings, [940] To unmask falsehood, and produce fact to mild, To stamp the seal of time in elderly issues, To wake the morn, and sentinel the evening, To improper the wronger until he render correct; To ruinate proud constructions with thy hours, [945] And smear with dirt their glitt’ring golden tow’rs; ‘To fill with worm-holes stately monuments, To feed oblivion with decay of items, To blot previous books and change their contents, To pluck the quills from historic ravens’ wings, [950] To dry the outdated oak’s sap, and cherish springs; To break antiquities of hammer’d metal, and switch the giddy around of Fortune’s wheel; ‘To convey the beldam daughters of her daughter, To make the kid a guy, the guy a toddler, [955] To slay the tiger that doth reside through slaughter, To tame the unicorn and lion wild, To mock the delicate in themselves beguil’d, To cheer the ploughman with increaseful plants, And waste large stones with little waterdrops. [960] ‘Why work’st thou mischief in thy pilgrimage, until thou couldst go back to make amends? One bad retiring minute in an age may buy thee 1000 thousand buddies, Lending him wit that to undesirable borrowers lends. [965] O, this dread evening, wouldst thou one hour come again, i may hinder this hurricane, and shun thy wrack! ‘Thou ceaseless lackey to Eternity, With a few mischance pass Tarquin in his flight; Devise extremes past extremity [970] To make him curse this cursed crimeful evening; allow ghastly shadows his lewd eyes affright, And the dire considered his dedicated evil form each bush a hideous shapeless satan. ‘Disturb his hours of leisure with stressed trances, [975] Afflict him in his mattress with bedrid groans; permit there bechance him pitiful mischances To make him moan, yet pity no longer his moans. Stone him with hard’ned hearts more durable than stones; And permit gentle ladies to him lose their mildness, [980] Wilder to him than tigers of their wildness. ‘Let him have time to rip his curled hair, enable him have time opposed to himself to rave, allow him have time of Time’s aid to melancholy, permit him have time to reside a loathed slave, [985] allow him have time a beggar’s orts to crave; And time to determine one who through alms doth stay Disdain to him disdained scraps to offer. ‘Let him have time to determine his acquaintances his foes, And merry fools to mock at him hotel; [990] enable him have time to mark how gradual time is going In time of sorrow, and the way quick and brief His time of folly and his time of recreation; And ever permit his unrecalling crime Have time to wail th’ abusing of his time. [995] ‘O Time, thou educate either to stable and undesirable, educate me to curse him that thou taught’st this ailing! At his personal shadow allow the thief run mad, Himself himself search each hour to kill! Such wretched fingers such wretched blood should still spill; [1000] For who so base might such an workplace have As sland’rous death’s-man to so base a slave?

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