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By William Shakespeare


commonly set in Milan, this comedy is the tale of 2 newly-arrived Veronese pals, Valentine and Proteus. either vie for the Duke's daughter's hand, with plenty of laughter resulting.

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VALENTINE Belike, boy, then, you're in love; for final morning you couldn't see to wipe my sneakers. pace real, sir; i used to be in love with my mattress: I thanks, you swinged me for my love, which makes me the bolder to chide you for yours. VALENTINE In end, I stand affected to her. velocity i might you have been set, so your affection might stop. VALENTINE final evening she enjoined me to write down a few strains to at least one she loves. velocity and feature you? VALENTINE i've got. pace Are they now not lamely writ? VALENTINE No, boy, yet in addition to i will be able to do them. Peace! the following she comes. pace [Aside] O very good movement! O exceeding puppet! Now will he interpret to her. input SILVIA VALENTINE Madam and mistress, 1000 good-morrows. velocity [Aside] O, provide ye sturdy even! here’s one million of manners. SILVIA Sir Valentine and servant, to you thousand. velocity [Aside] He should still supply her curiosity and she or he offers it him. VALENTINE As you enjoin’d me, i've got writ your letter Unto the key anonymous pal of yours; Which i used to be a lot unwilling to continue in yet for my responsibility on your ladyship. SILVIA I thanks mild servant: ‘tis very clerkly performed. VALENTINE Now belief me, madam, it got here rarely off; For being ignorant to whom it is going I writ at random, very doubtfully. SILVIA maybe you're thinking that an excessive amount of of rather a lot pains? VALENTINE No, madam; so it stead you, i'm going to write Please you command, one thousand instances as a lot; And yet-- SILVIA a gorgeous interval! good, i suppose the sequel; And but i can't identify it; and but I care no longer; And but take this back; and but I thanks, which means henceforth to hassle you not more. velocity [Aside] And but you'll; and one more ‘yet. ’ VALENTINE What potential your ladyship? do you in contrast to it? SILVIA convinced, sure; the strains are very quaintly writ; yet because unwillingly, take them back. Nay, take them. VALENTINE Madam, they're for you. SILVIA Ay, ay: you writ them, sir, at my request; yet i'll none of them; they're for you; i'd have had them writ extra movingly. VALENTINE Please you, I’ll write your ladyship one other. SILVIA And while it’s writ, for my sake learn it over, And if it please you, so; if now not, why, so. VALENTINE If it please me, madam, what then? SILVIA Why, if it please you, take it in your labour: And so, solid morrow, servant. go out velocity O jest unseen, inscrutable, invisible, As a nostril on a man’s face, or a weathercock on a steeple! My grasp sues to her, and she or he hath taught her suitor, He being her student, to turn into her teach. O first-class equipment! was once there ever heard a greater, That my grasp, being scribe, to himself may still write the letter? VALENTINE How now, sir? what are you reasoning with your self? velocity Nay, i used to be rhyming: ‘tis you that experience the explanation. VALENTINE To do what? velocity To be a spokesman for Madam Silvia. VALENTINE To whom? pace To your self: why, she wooes you by means of a determine. VALENTINE What determine? velocity via a letter, I may still say. VALENTINE Why, she hath no longer writ to me? pace What desire she, whilst she hath made you write to your self? Why, do you now not understand the jest?

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