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By William Shakespeare


as a rule set in Milan, this comedy is the tale of 2 newly-arrived Veronese buddies, Valentine and Proteus. either vie for the Duke's daughter's hand, with plenty of laughter resulting.

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Pace allow me learn them. LAUNCE Fie on thee, jolt-head! thou canst now not learn. pace Thou liest; i will. LAUNCE i'll test thee. inform me this: who begot thee? pace Marry, the son of my grandfather. LAUNCE O illiterate loiterer! it was once the son of thy grandmother: this proves that thou canst no longer learn. velocity Come, idiot, come; attempt me in thy paper. LAUNCE There; and St. Nicholas be thy pace! pace [Reads] ‘Imprimis: she will milk. ’ LAUNCE Ay, that she will. velocity ‘Item: She brews reliable ale. ’ LAUNCE And thereof comes the proverb: ‘Blessing of your center, you brew sturdy ale. ’ velocity ‘Item: she will stitch. ’ LAUNCE That’s up to to claim, Can she so? pace ‘Item: she will knit. ’ LAUNCE What desire a guy take care of a inventory with a wench, whilst she will be able to knit him a inventory? velocity ‘Item: she will wash and scour. ’ LAUNCE a distinct advantage: for then she needn't be washed and scoured. pace ‘Item: she will spin. ’ LAUNCE Then may possibly I set the realm on wheels, whilst she will spin for her dwelling. velocity ‘Item: She hath many anonymous virtues. ’ LAUNCE That’s up to to claim, bastard virtues; that, certainly, comprehend now not their fathers and for that reason haven't any names. velocity ‘Here keep on with her vices. ’ LAUNCE shut on the heels of her virtues. pace ‘Item: She isn't really to be kissed fasting in admire of her breath. ’ LAUNCE good, that fault could be mended with a breakfast. learn on. pace ‘Item: She hath a candy mouth. ’ LAUNCE That makes amends for her bitter breath. velocity ‘Item: She doth speak in her sleep. ’ LAUNCE It’s regardless of for that, so she sleep now not in her speak. velocity ‘Item: She is gradual in phrases. ’ LAUNCE O villain, that set this down between her vices! To be sluggish in phrases is a woman’s simply advantage: I pray thee, out with’t, and position it for her leader advantage. pace ‘Item: She is proud. ’ LAUNCE Out with that too; it was once Eve’s legacy, and can't be ta’en from her. pace ‘Item: She hath no tooth. ’ LAUNCE I care no longer for that neither, simply because i admire crusts. pace ‘Item: She is curst. ’ LAUNCE good, the easiest is, she hath no enamel to chunk. pace ‘Item: she's going to frequently compliment her liquor. ’ LAUNCE If her liquor be sturdy, she shall: if she is going to no longer, i'll; for good stuff will be praised. velocity ‘Item: She is simply too liberal. ’ LAUNCE Of her tongue she can't, for that’s writ down she is sluggish of; of her handbag she shall now not, for that I’ll hold close: now, of one other factor she might, and that can't I aid. good, continue. velocity ‘Item: She hath extra hair than wit, and extra faults than hairs, and extra wealth than faults. ’ LAUNCE cease there; I’ll have her: she used to be mine, and never mine, two times or three times in that final article. Rehearse that after extra. pace ‘Item: She hath extra hair than wit,’-- LAUNCE extra hair than wit? it can be; I’ll turn out it. the canopy of the salt hides the salt, and for that reason it's greater than the salt; the hair that covers the wit is greater than the wit, for the larger hides the fewer. What’s subsequent? pace ‘And extra faults than hairs,’-- LAUNCE That’s immense: O, that that have been out! pace ‘And extra wealth than faults.

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